X-ray tests of electronic assemblies based on DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025

Did you know, that…


… TEPROSA also performs X-ray tests of electronic assemblies based on DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025?

We have been testing and analyzing our customers’ products via X-ray inspection for nearly a decade to uncover manufacturing weaknesses and help our customers optimizing their processes. In addition to standard X-ray testing, we can also carry out CT X-ray examinations to give a holistic view of the assemblies.


Your advantages:

X-ray inspection is a non-destructive way to make invisible defects at joints apparent. Particular emphasis is placed on all soldering and welding connections, plated-through holes, and crimp connections. In this way, you will receive a clear report on the configuration of your module within a very short period of time – identifying and eliminating potential causes of error. Manufacturers of electronic assemblies thus gain the necessary information to run their manufacturing processes in such a way that weaknesses such as voids, cracks or wetting defects are eliminated.


Avoid follow-up costs

As with all upstream test methods, the aim of the X-ray inspection is to detect defective components and avoid follow-up costs due to failures in the field. Recalls caused by faulty assemblies can cause high costs and potentially long-term damage to a company’s image. To protect you from this, we already focus on the inspection of the assemblies with X-ray radiation during the development of the first prototypes. Thus, weaknesses can be identified early and product failures can be prevented at an early stage. Of course, we also carry out full validations at the start of production also including the X-ray inspection as an important step.


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