Laser fine cutting

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We offer laser fine cutting services of different materials from small to large series up to a thickness of 4.0 mm. Compared to competing procedures such as punching, laser cutting is a non-contact, almost force-free technique of processing complex parts and is therefore ideally suited for fine components with small manufacturing tolerances. The resulting burr at the edges is minimal and can be adjusted depending on the requirements by various downstream processes such as electropolishing or brushing.

  • Material Thickness from 0.02 mm to 4.00 mm
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Ceramics (Silicon Nitride), Fibreglass, Gfk
  • Repeatability: ±2 µm
  • Laserspot: 28 µm
  • Working Range (X/Y): 600 mm X 800 mm
  • Sample (from Part I), Small Batches, Series

Applications: Filters, SMT Stencils, Calibration Targets, Precision Mechanics

A lattice structure made of stainless steel, which was produced by means of laser fine machining.
Composites can also be processed by laser fine cutting.
Even in very thin stainless steel foil, fine fine cutting can be used to create a fine comb structure.
Laser-cut fine structures with a web width of less than 100μm.
Quality control of laser fine cutting parts
Quality control of laser fine cutting parts on a measuring projector.
Laser fine cutting parts in the size of a match
Data preparation of an SMD stencil.
Precision mechanical gears manufactured by TEPROSA using the laser fine cutting process.
Metal foil on a coil.
Quality control of laser fine cutting parts


We realize very fine drillings in a micrometer range using pulsed laser radiation. For example, for the manufacture of filters, TEPROSA GmbH relies on many years of experience as a part of an automotive supply chain.

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Ceramics (Silicon Nitride), Fibreglass, Gfk
  • Diameter > 50 µm
  • Controllable Conicity
Engraving the TEPROSA logo using laser on stainless steel.
Filter holes created by laser drilling.
Fine structures in stainless steel produced by laser cutting and drilling.


The use of laser technology is also an excellent opportunity of marking very small components and various materials.

  • Materials: Metals, Polymeres, Ceramics, Semiconductors
  • Structure Widths up to 50 µm

Applications: Permanent marking of components with serial numbers, QR-codes and other relevant product data.


The combination of different technologies for laser micro machining allows our customers to simplify their processes and to save costs.

  • Laser Fine Cutting and Drilling
  • Laser Fine Cutting and Marking
  • Laser Drilling and Marking
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