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laserschneiden Advantages of Laser Cutting - What are the advantages of the process? Laser cutting is commonly regarded as a economical and precise cutting process for metals and many other materials. Among the advantages repeatedly listed are precision, economy, and versatility. But what exactly are the advantages? Today, we want to take a closer look at the often-described advantages of laser… Read more
laserschneiden Laser cutting: All info about the process - Laser cutting is an innovative cutting process that enables uncompromising precision. The process is therefore used whenever millimeters matter. How the process works in detail, what advantages & possibilities it offers, we have summarized in this overview. How does laser cutting work? Laser cutting, along with plasma and oxyfuel cutting, is one of the thermal… Read more
uhrenteile neben 2ct stück Tolerances and accuracy in laser cutting - Tolerances in laser cutting: How to achieve the highest accuracies As with any cutting process, minor deviations from the production data occur during laser cutting due to the production process. These are caused, for example, by minute inaccuracies in the movement of the laser system, irregularities in the material and in the beam shaping. To… Read more
Laser-precision-cutting-with-the-highest-quality-standards What is the cost of laser cutting? - Laser cutting cost check: What do laser parts cost and why? Laser cutting is a cutting process that requires no tooling costs at all. This fact alone, makes it often cheaper compared to competing processes. But how expensive is laser cutting really? Here we have compiled the most important cost factors for laser cutting with… Read more
rotor und stator Rotor and stator in electric motor - Functionality, structure and differences of rotors and stators Prompted by megatrends such as climate change, the energy transition, and the general increase in electrification of daily life, the number of electronic devices and machines around us continues to grow. Electric bicycles, electric scooters and even electric surfboards, but above all the electrification of the car,… Read more
stator und rotor blechpaket für elektromotoren What is a laminated core? -   Sheathed magnetic cores made of electrical sheet laminations. A stack of stacked and tightly connected laminations is called a laminated core, or stator- or rotor core. To produce these packets, also known as cores or magnetic cores, individual laminations of sheet metal are stacked on top of each other, precisely aligned and baked into… Read more
laserschneiden statorblech What is an electrical sheet? - The material for magnetic cores and electrical machines Electrical sheet or electrical strip is an iron-silicon alloy and the steel material of choice for the production of magnetic cores as rotors or stators in electrical machines. Due to its special properties, the use of laminations made of electrical steel sheet for the production of iron… Read more
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