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Welcome to TEPROSA – your reliable partner for high-quality, laser-cut steel plates and steel discs, plate packs and plate sets made of steel for precise clutch systems.

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» Material for steel plates

A variety of materials are suitable for laser cutting steel lamellas and steel discs. Here you will find an overview of the materials we process at TEPROSA:

Sheets and foils:

  • Stainless steel, stainless steel foils
  • Aluminum, aluminum foil
  • Copper, copper foils
  • Brass, brass foils
  • Nickel, nickel foils
  • Steel, steel foils

We have a large selection of materials available in stock. We are also happy to process material you have provided, or procure materials from our long-term, experienced suppliers according to your specifications and wishes. The delivery of corresponding material test certificates for your laser parts is possible at any time after consultation.

For a detailed overview of the most common materials, it is worth taking a look at our materials overview.

» Manufacturing conditions for steel lamellas and steel discs

  • Minimum kerf width/minimum spot diameter: 0.03 mm*
  • Repeatability ±2µm
  • Micro-webs from 0.03 mm (small connection between contour and sheet metal to anchor the cuts in the sheet metal composite)
  • Cutting speeds up to 50mm/s
  • Cutting gas support up to 25 bar
    • Nitrogen
    • Oxygen
    • Compressed air
  • Contour accuracy: ± 0.01 mm*
  • Holes from 0.03 mm

*depending on the material/material and its material thickness

» Short delivery times – optional express production

We have many materials of different material thicknesses available in stock for laser cutting of steel clutch plates. As a manufacturer, we are able to process your laser request within a very short time. We produce batch sizes starting from one and offer optional express processing for many orders within one working day.

  • Express processing, optionally within one working day
  • Large series > 1 million parts/year
  • Prototypes from quantity 1
  • Special materials available at short notice upon request

Free samples

If you would like to convince yourself of our quality in advance, we would be happy to send you free samples in advance.

» Information for buyers

We are specialized in business 2 businesst. Upon your request, you will promptly receive a written quote that takes into account all technical requirements. Here you will find further links and helpful information for buyers:

»Inquiry without CAD data

You can also place a request for laser cutting of steel lamellas and steel discs online without CAD data. Simply enter the geometric data and the desired material of your workpiece into our online inquiry form. Our experts will check your data and then contact you immediately so that we can provide you with an attractive production offer as quickly as possible.

» Confidentiality & data security

We guarantee the security of your data – if you still need a nondisclosure agreement in advance, you can >download our nondisclosure form here. We would also be happy to review your in-house agreement. To do so, please simply send it to us by e-mail at:

We take confidentiality and data security very seriously! If you would like to enter into a nondisclosure agreement, send us your form or download our template.

Steel plates for clutches – maximum performance, minimum tolerances

Welcome to TEPROSA – your reliable partner for high-quality, laser-cut steel plates and steel discs, plate packs and plate sets made of steel for precise clutch systems. Our steel slats set standards in terms of quality, durability and performance. We deliver individual laser-cut steel plates and plate packages for clutches according to your specifications quickly, easily and at an impressive price. Our laser systems cut steel and stainless steel up to a material thickness of 15 mm (some materials even beyond this) with the highest precision and accuracy (± 0.01 mm). Laser cutting is an economical and technically outstanding process for quickly and precisely processing sheet metal, metal foil and other plate-shaped materials.


  • Contours: according to customer specifications
  • Material thickness: up to 15.00 mm
  • Materials: steel / stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum
  • Final treatment: brushing, trovalizing, vibratory grinding
  • Repeatability: ±2 µm
  • Quantity: samples (from 1 part), small series, series

Your advantages

  • We use high-quality raw material with low internal stress, high flatness and low thickness tolerance (2%) to produce your slats and steel discs.
  • Great precision and tight tolerances at the highest cutting speed
  • Burr-free machining usually does not require any post-processing
  • Flexible and short-term adjustment of the components possible – no tool costs
  • Suitable for samples, individual pieces and small quantities – low set-up costs

Online inquiry for steel lamellas and steel discs

Use our online inquiry form to place your inquiry for steel multi-plate clutches, thrust washers and other steel washers via our website at any time without any additional effort. Simply upload your production data to our server and store the material you require.

Stahlscheiben-Lasergeschnitten-TEPROSA-Lamellensatz II
Stahlscheiben-Lasergeschnitten-TEPROSA-Lamellensatz II
Stahlscheiben-Lasergeschnitten-TEPROSA-Lamellensatz II

Our steel slats and steel discs at a glance:

Precision in every detail

Our plates are manufactured with the highest precision to meet the demanding requirements of your clutch systems and other drive technology applications. The precise machining ensures optimal fit and maximum performance.

High-quality materials

We only use first-class steel that is characterized by hardness, strength and durability. This ensures a long service life and minimal downtime for your machines.

Customized solutions

Whether you need standard dimensions or bespoke steel slats, we offer you the flexibility to find the perfect solution for your specific requirements. Speak to our team of experts to discuss tailored options.

Application areas

Our steel plates are used in a variety of clutch systems. Trust our products to increase the efficiency and performance of your machines.


  • Years of experience: With years of experience in the industry, we are experts in our field.
  • Quality and reliability: Our products meet the highest quality standards and are designed for reliability.
  • Customer focus: Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated team is at your disposal at any time.

Accuracy when laser cutting steel lamellas

The exact laser beam guidance, the high power density and a high cutting speed enable highly precise contour accuracies of ± 0.01 mm, exact, almost rectangular cutting edges and clean cutting surfaces using the appropriate cutting gases. Depending on the material thickness, narrow kerfs of 0.03 mm are also possible.


In addition to the production of steel lamellas, we also offer, among other things, the production of tuning plates and shims, filters and many other fine-blown parts. Our services include laser fine cutting, drilling, and labeling, as well as the ablation of individual layers. Of course, a combination of the different methods is also possible. Just talk to us.


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