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TEPROSA is your partner for everything in manufacturing within the field of laser processing, 3D-MID technology and offers a certified testing laboratory for your components

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Select the material, the quantity and the sheet thickness. If you already have a technical drawing, you can upload it to our server. Wwe only need your contact details to send you an individual offer for laser cutting contract manufacturing! If you need several cuts, you can simply send off the order form several times.

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Online inquiry

Use our online request form to place your inquiry for laser contract manufacturing at any time via our website without any additional effort. Simply upload your production data to our server and enter the material you require. We will check your inquiry and get in touch with you shortly

Our laser systems

We use fibre lasers from various manufacturers for laser cutting, which enable laser parts with a contour accuracy of ± 0.01 mm. The laser systems in our machine park offer excellent manufacturing quality and enable precise sheet metal cuts with little distortion and clean, almost burr-free cut edges.

Our quality management system according to ISO 9001

Quality products and long-term cooperation are important to us. A sense of responsibility, reliability and loyalty to our customers and business partners are among the values

Information for buyers

As a manufacturer for the B2B sector, it is a matter of course for us to make you a written offer that matches your request in accordance with our general terms and conditions. Of course, we also act as a long-term supplier for you. Here you will find further links and helpful information for buyers:

Inquiries without CAD data

You can also place an online request for individual laser cutting contract manufacturing without CAD data. Simply enter the dimensions and the desired material of your sheet into our online inquiry form. Our experts will check your data and then contact you immediately so that we can make you an attractive production offer as quickly as possible.

Secrecy & data security

We guarantee the security of your data - if you still need a non-disclosure agreement in advance, you can download our non-disclosure form here. We would also be happy to review your in-house agreement. Please send us this simply by e-mail to:


TEPROSA GmbH was founded in 2009 and is based in Magdeburg. With more than 20 employees, as a manufacturer and partner for laser technology in Germany, we offer contract manufacturing in the areas of laser cutting, metal and sheet metal processing and 3D-MID. We manufacture sophisticated laser parts with the highest quality standards for the automotive industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering and many other sectors. Our products include electrical sheets for electric motors, blanks for automobiles and industry, as well as precise tuning plates for customers from all over the world.

Here you will find an overview of all our services.
You are welcome to order a free sample part to test.
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In the field of laser processing, we rely primarily on laser cutting as an innovative and economical cutting process for sheet metal processing of stainless steel, steel, metal, non-ferrous metals and many other materials. Our most common laser parts include microfilters for pumps in the automotive industry, electrical sheet metal lamellae for electric motors and so-called tuning plates for mechanical engineering.



As one of the few companies in Germany, we manufacture three-dimensional circuit carriers, so-called 3D-MID. 3D MIDs are used, for example, as antennas in smartphones and notebooks, but the space-saving spatial circuit carriers are also in great demand in medical technology.

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In unserem In our testing laboratory we offer various testing services for the electronics industry, the automotive industry and medical technology. One focus of our work is environmental simulation testing of electromechanical assemblies according to customer specifications.

Laser cutting at TEPROSA

We are a contract manufacturer and innovative manufacturing partner in the field of laser technology and laser processing. In our high-performance machine park, we offer our customers various options for contract manufacturing, including laser sheet metal and metal processing and the manufacture of three-dimensional circuit carriers (3D-MID).

Our competencies in the field of contract manufacturing lie in laser cutting and drilling of laser parts for the automotive industry, medical technology and mechanical engineering. We manufacture high-precision tuning plates for motor and device construction, electrical steel sheets for stators and rotors in electric motors and precise blanks for mechanical engineering. In addition to the production and processing of sheet metal and laser parts, our portfolio also includes the testing and inspection of electromechanical assemblies.

Contract manufacturing for laser cutting and sheet metal processing

Laser cutting and sheet metal processing in perfection - TEPROSA is your competent partner and specialized contract manufacturer with many years of experience. We manufacture sophisticated laser parts for the automotive industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering and many other sectors. We would be happy to advise you on all questions relating to your order, the production of your workpieces and our other services and post-processing options. As a long-standing supplier to various OEMs, the quality of our work is particularly important to us. That is why we work according to uniform processes throughout the company and thus guarantee consistent quality and complete traceability of each individual production step.


20. June 2022 TEPROSA attended the 10th International Conference Magnetism and Metallurgy WMM’22
Last week we attended the 10th International Conference on Magnetism and Metallurgy. WMM'22 took place
18. November 2020 TEPROSA sets up two research projects for future innovations
subsidies granted from the federal budget for ADEL and smartTUBE As part of the Central
15. February 2018 Innovationsassisten 3D-MID eingestellt
Seit dem 01.10.2017 hat sich TEPROSA mit einem sogenannten Innovationsassistenten im Bereich 3D-MID verstärkt. Schwerpunkt

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