Shim sheets, shims, adaptor plates and equalising plates made of thin sheet metal

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Shims, or shims sheets / spacer sheets / shims, are used to compensate for tolerances that occur in manufacturing. In this way, components and products in fixture construction, on machines and in automobiles can be compensated for easily, cost-effectively and with high precision.

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Materials/materials for shims sheets

A variety of materials and materials are suitable for laser cutting of shims and spacer plates. Here is an overview of the materials we process at TEPROSA:

Sheets and foils – material thickness: 0.02 mm – 6.00 mm:

  • Stainless steel, stainless steel foils
  • Aluminum, aluminum foils
  • copper, copper foils
  • Brass, brass foils
  • Nickel, nickel foils
  • Steel, steel foils

We have a wide range of materials available from stock. However, we are also happy to process material provided by you, or procure materials and materials according to your specifications and requirements from our long-term, experienced suppliers. The delivery of corresponding material test certificates for your laser parts is possible at any time after consultation.

For a detailed overview of the most common materials, it is worth taking a look at our material overview.

Manufacturing conditions for spacer plates

Our manufacturing conditions for shims sheet metal

  • Minimum kerf width/minimum spot diameter: 0.03 mm*
  • Repeat accuracy ±2µm
  • Micro-bridges from 0.03 mm (small connection between contour and sheet to anchor the blanks in the sheet composite)
  • Cutting speeds up to 50mm/s
  • Cutting gas support up to 25 bar
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Compressed air
  • Contour accuracy: ± 0.01 mm*
  • Boring from 0.03 mm

*Depending on the material/material and its thickness.

Short delivery times – optional express manufacturing

We have many materials available in stock. So we are able to process your laser request within shortest time. We manufacture from batch size one and offer optional express processing for many orders within just one working day.

  • Express processing, optionally within one working day
  • Large batches > 1 million parts/year
  • Prototypes from quantity 1
  • Special materials available at short notice on request

Free samples

Would you like to convince yourself of our quality in advance, we will be happy to send you free samples in advance.

Information for Buyers

As a service provider for the B2B sector, it is a matter of course for us to provide you with a written offer for shims that matches your inquiry in accordance with our general terms and conditions. In doing so, we naturally also act as a long-term supplier for you. Here you will find further links and helpful information for buyers:

Request without CAD data

You can also place a request for laser cutting of shims without CAD data. Simply enter the geometric data, as well as the desired material of your workpiece in our online request form. Our experts will check your data and then contact you immediately to provide you with an attractive manufacturing offer as quickly as possible.

Confidentiality & Data Security

We guarantee the security of your data – but if you still need a non-disclosure agreement in advance, you can download our non-disclosure form here. We would also be happy to review your in-house agreement. To do so, please simply email it to us at:


We manufacture shims sheets (also shims), shims plates, shims and shims plates (so-called spacers, or spacer plates) and other laser-cut parts from thin sheet metal precisely to your individual specifications.

As a manufacturer of fineblanked parts of all kinds, the processing of the finest sheet metal is part of our daily business. With over ten years of experience, we manufacture spacers, shims and shims for simple, fast and inexpensive tolerance compensation for our customers in the fixture and special machine construction industry.

By using shims to compensate for tolerances, the manufacturing effort of individual components can be reduced, effectively lowering manufacturing costs. As a specialist for laser fine machining, we produce particularly fine cutting parts with almost no degrees and and a high degree of flatness. Of course, we manufacture from the first sample and also up to series production. We will be happy to provide you with a first visual sample free of charge.


  • Contours: according to customer’s specification
  • Material thickness: from 0.020mm to 4.000mm
  • Materials: steel / stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum
  • Final treatment: brushing (optional)
  • Repetition accuracy: ±2 µm
  • Number of pieces: samples (from 1 part), small series, series
Intermediate layers with comb structure for the compensation of tolerances
Intermediate layers with comb structure for the compensation of tolerances
Production of shims plates on the laser
Production of shims plates on the laser
Quality control of an adaptor plate at TEPROSA
Quality control of an adaptor plate at TEPROSA
Intermediate layers with comb structure for the compensation of tolerances
Production of shims plates on the laser
Quality control of an adaptor plate at TEPROSA

Your advantages

  • We use high quality starting material for shims production with low residual stress, high flatness as well as low thickness tolerance (2%)
  • Great precision and tight tolerances at highest cutting speed
  • Burr-free machining usually requires no post-processing
  • Flexible and short-term adaptation of components possible – no tooling costs
  • Suitable for samples, single pieces and small quantities – low setup costs

Online request for shims sheets

Use our online inquiry form to place your request at any time without any additional effort through our website. Simply upload your manufacturing data to our server and deposit the material you require.

Quality of our laser cut shims and shims

Laser cutting is characterized by excellent quality. The laser beam is focused to a diameter of 0.03 mm, which allows for very narrow cutting kerfs. Edge quality and cut quality of the tuning plates produced in this way are many times more accurate than comparable processes. Thus, we realize high dimensional accuracy, exact repeatability and contour accuracy of ± 0.01 mm during laser cutting.


In addition to manufacturing shims and spacers, our services include SMD stencils, filters and many other fine blanking parts. Our services include laser fine cutting, drilling, and marking, as well as ablation of individual layers. Of course, a combination of the various processes is also possible. Just contact us.

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