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Information for buyers

As a service provider for the B2B sector, it is a matter of course for us to provide you with a written offer that matches your inquiry in accordance with our general terms and conditions. In doing so, we naturally also act for you as a long-term supplier. Here you will find further links and helpful information for buyers:

Request without CAD data

You can even without CAD data place an inquiry for laser cutting online. Simply enter the geometric data, as well as the desired material of your workpiece into our online request form. Our experts will check your data and then contact you immediately to provide you with an attractive manufacturing offer as quickly as possible.

Confidentiality & Data security

We guarantee the security of your data – if you still need a non-disclosure agreement in advance, you can download our Non-disclosure form here. We would also be happy to review your in-house agreement. To do so, please simply email it to us at:

TEPROSA quality

We set the highest quality standards for our products & services. To achieve this goal, we work within the framework of our quality management system according to clearly defined processes that we constantly review and develop.For us, quality refers not only to the products, but to all business processes. You can find more information about our quality management system and processes here.

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