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The 3D-MID technology allows the use of three-dimensional plastic parts as circuit carriers for electronic or mechatronic assemblies. Besides obtaining more freedom in terms of design, cost advantages and a higher functional density are possible benefits of this technology compared to conventional procedures.


As a developer and service provider, TEPROSA offers every single process step. From the initial design, to creating a prototype to serial production, we can carry out the entire project and supplier management of the 3D-MID production chain at your request.

The MIDCopter shows the possibilities of three-dimensional circuit carriers.
Solar powered 24 GHz RFID communication module
Solar powered 24 GHz RFID communication module
The design freedom of the MID technology allows functions to be integrated.
TEPROSA takes over the project and supplier management as a complete supplier.
More than 70 components are assembled on the MIDCopter.
Solar powered 24 GHz RFID communication module


With our strong partners, we can offer the production of the MID basic body. We will gladly advise you on the selection of  a suitable lds material, the appropriate procedure and carry out the procurement activity for you.

  • One-Component Injection Molding
  • 3D Print
  • Milling

We have also established great business relations with competent partners for the production of an injection molding tool that show many years of experience in the MID field.

LDS (Laser direct structuring)

The laser direct structuring procedure unveils special additives in plastic components, which can subsequently be metallized. Due to its versatility, the LDS procedure is one of the most commonly used procedures for the manufacture of molded interconnect devices.

  • Parameter Finding
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Series Production


In the subtractive process, the first step is to fully metallize the component’s surface and to only open the spots, where no metallization is needed. The metal layer can either be removed directly by the laser itself or subsequently be opened by an etching process. Particularly applications with large metallization surfaces benefit from the subtractive process. In this case, the production might be more cost-efficient than the LDS procedure.

  • Parameter Finding
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Series Production
Setup of a 3D-MID component for laser direct truturing.
Laser-structured 3D MID demonstrator "Touch LED"
Prototype fixture for a laser resist 3D-MID.
3D-MID RFID communication module
3D-MID RFID communication module - manufactured by TEPROSA for the University of Hannover.
3D-assembly of an three dimensional circuit carrier
3D-assembly of an three dimensional circuit carrier
3D-MID RFID communication module
3D-assembly of an three dimensional circuit carrier


TEPROSA offers sample metallization, process evaluation, and testing for the entire metallization process. For large-scale metallization series, we work together with competent partners with many years of experience in MID technology.

  • Chemical Copper, Nickel, Gold
  • Electroplated Copper
  • Flash Gold
  • Plating-on-Plastic


If necessary, we offer the packaging of electronic components using the pick & place method for small quantities. For larger series, we work together with competent partners with many years of experiences in the field of 3D-MID.

  • Assembly/ Pick & Place
  • Vapor Phase Soldering
  • Conductive Adhesive Bonding
  • Aluminum Wire Bonding
  • Flip Chip Process


The qualification and validation of your component completes our MID-services. In our in-house test laboratory, we gain valuable insights into the product behaviour under real operating conditions. These insights are then integrated into the production process.

The wire bonding process can also be used in the context of 3D-MID technology.
Shear test on a three-dimensional circuit carrier.
Manual assembly of the 3D-MIDcopter at TEPROSA.
Electronic compoments assembled on the MIDCopter.
Beaker metallization for initial light-off tests
Assembling setup of the MIDCopter
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