TEPROSA attended the 10th International Conference Magnetism and Metallurgy WMM’22

Last week we attended the 10th International Conference on Magnetism and Metallurgy. WMM’22 took place in beautiful Milan, Italy this year. Many thanks to everyone involved for an exciting and successful conference! We had great conversations again and are already looking forward to the next opportunity to exchange ideas.

At the WMM’22 we took the opportunity to present our possibilities in the field of electrical steel to the specialist audience from the field of electric motors. TEPROSA cuts electrical laminations and packs stator and rotor packs for use as magnetic cores in electric motors.

Electrical sheet or electrical steel is an iron-silicon alloy and the steel material of choice for manufacturing magnetic cores as rotors or stators in electrical machines. You can find out more about this topic in our blog post: What is electrical steel?

It was a pleasure for us to be there. Thanks again to all the volunteers and organizers who made this event possible!

TEPROSA Stand auf der WMM22 Konferenz in Mailand

TEPROSA attended WMM’22 Conferenz in Milan


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