TEPROSA sets up two research projects for future innovations

subsidies granted from the federal budget for ADEL and smartTUBE

As part of the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM), TEPROSA receives subsidies for the ADEL and smartTUBE projects. Together with strong partners from industry and research, TEPROSA develops and designs innovative solutions and products in the fields of medical and safety technology.

Within the project ADEL (additive manufacturing of ultra-thin, selectively permeable membranes with deposition of electrically conductive structures) an innovative membrane is being developed as an inlet system for gas samples for on-site detection of hazardous substances using ion mobility spectroscopy (IMS). The aim of the consortium is to develop a robust, industrially processable and economical solution for the safe and rapid identification of released gases. TEPROSA takes on the role of membrane production.

smartTUBE is the name of the second research project (conception and implementation of a regulation and contacting of shape memory components) in which so-called smart materials and shape memory elements are used to further develop complex flexible instruments for ENT surgery and to simplify their operation. TEPROSA is primarily concerned with the development of electronic circuits to control the instruments. Another part of the research project are three-dimensional control elements based on 3D-MID technology, which are to be further developed for series production and to become part of the instrument solution.

Work on both projects will start this year and will be completed in autumn 2022. TEPROSA GmbH looks forward to intensive cooperation and interdisciplinary exchange.

Project partners:

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