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Online request for laser marking of watch parts

Use our online inquiry form to place your inquiry via our website at any time without additional effort. Simply upload your manufacturing data to our server and deposit the material you require.

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» What materials can we mark?

A wide range of materials and materials in the watch industry are suitable for laser marking. There are many materials specially prepared for engraving with the laser. However, we would also be happy to test whether your individual material is suitable for laser engraving.

Laser engraving is a high-tech tool for precise marking, labeling or identification of watch parts. Here you will find an overview of metals that we process at TEPROSA:

  • Stainless steel, stainless steel foils
  • .

  • Aluminum, aluminum foils
  • Copper, copper foils
  • Brass, brass foils
  • Nickel, nickel foils
  • Steel, steel foils

Anodized materials:

  • Anodized aluminum, different colors
  • .

  • Nature anodized aluminum, different colors
  • .

” Information for buyers

As a service provider for the B2B sector, it is a matter of course for us to provide you with a written offer for the marking of your watch parts in accordance with our general terms and conditions, matching your inquiry. Of course, we also act as a long-term supplier for you. Here you will find further links and helpful information for buyers:

” Request without CAD data

You can also place a request for laser marking of watch parts online without CAD data. Simply enter the geometric data, as well as the desired material of your workpiece into our online request form. Our experts will check your data and then contact you immediately to provide you with an attractive manufacturing offer as quickly as possible.

” Confidentiality & Data security


We guarantee the security of your data – if you still need a non-disclosure agreement in advance, you can download our non-disclosure form here. We would also be happy to review your in-house agreement. To do so, please simply send it to us by email at:

Your provider for laser engraving and industrial engraving

TEPROSA offers laser engraving and laser marking as a service at its Magdeburg location. With many years of experience, we engrave, mark and inscribe a wide variety of materials and watch parts according to your specifications. Our engravings are often used for the permanent and clear marking of products and production parts.

As a laser specialist, we not only manufacture watch parts, but also sophisticated parts for the automotive industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering and many other industries. We will be happy to advise you on all questions concerning your laser marking.

As a long-standing supplier to various OEMs, the quality of our work is particularly important to us. Therefore, we work according to uniform processes and thus ensure consistent quality and complete traceability of each individual production step.

uhrenteile neben 2ct stück
uhrenteile neben 2ct stück

Laser Marking for the Watch Industry

Laser marking is a laser-based processing method of surfaces for permanent marking, inscription, or decoration of various objects. To create a laser engraving on the surface of a substrate, a high-energy laser is used to remove a definable layer of the starting material.

In the case of simple processing by the laser systems, this layer is about 10-25µm, depending on the material. Through repeated material processing, even larger depressions are possible. This creates a permanent marking or labeling. Almost unlimited possibilities and high accuracies (±0.01 mm) combined with low costs are just some of the many convincing arguments of laser marking.

Precision of our laser technology

The exact laser beam guidance, the high laser power and a high cutting speed of our laser machines enable us to achieve highly precise contour accuracies. Combined with an extremely narrow processing width, even the smallest details can be rendered very accurately and precisely – perfect for your watch parts

Advantages of laser marking


  • Individual – Apply your logo, your serial numbers, your marking permanently on your watch parts
  • Precise – Laser engraving has great precision and meet tight tolerances with maximum flexibility
  • Durable – Durable marking enables long-term assignment and traceability
  • Gentle – Laser marking is non-contact and generates no mechanical stress
  • Flexible – Flexible processing with the laser saves you expensive tooling costs and gives you the option of adapting your watch parts to new requirements at any time
  • Favorable – Suitable for samples, single pieces and small quantities – low setup costs
  • Versatile – Applicable for almost all materials
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