X-ray Inspection Of Electronics

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X-ray inspection of electronic assemblies and electronics

X-ray inspection provides a non-destructive means of analyzing printed circuit boards and other electronic assemblies in the electronics industry, particularly in the assembly of printed circuit boards. It is frequently used in quality control during production and development.

Testing laboratory for X-ray testing, analysis and inspection of electronic components

We specialize in testing electronic assemblies and have a lot of experience with the requirements of the electronics and automotive industries. On behalf of our customers, we produce high-resolution X-ray images of solder joints and individual components, making weak points visible.

We will be happy to advise you regarding your inspection tasks.

What are the advantages of X-ray of electronics?

  • Destruction-free inspection method of solder joints / solder connections and components
  • High resolution images
  • Optional: CT images (3D computed tomography)

Which tests can we perform?

Here is an overview of the most common tests we can offer in the field of component and failure analysis in our testing laboratory.

  • Inspection of electrical components of any kind
  • 2D X-ray testing
  • CT analyses
  • X-ray testing according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Advantages of an X-ray examination at TEPROSA

  • Exceptionally good image quality
  • Fast processing of your samples
  • Creation of a meaningful test report
  • Evaluation based on previously agreed criteria
  • Further testing and advice available directly from TEPROSA

How long does an X-ray inspection take?

Depending on the sample size, the normal processing time of a test order for X-ray at TEPROSA is 1-3 working days. We will be happy to check the possibility of express processing for you. For the creation of a test report, we need another 1-3 working days, depending on the scope.

Röntgenaufnahme einer elektronischen Baugruppe
Röntgenprüfung von Drahtbonds bei TEPROSA
Röntgenprüfung von Drahtbonds bei TEPROSA
Durchleuchtetes Bauteil mit Drahtbonds
Durchleuchtetes Bauteil mit Drahtbonds
Röntgenprüfung von Drahtbonds bei TEPROSA
Durchleuchtetes Bauteil mit Drahtbonds

Our quality management

As a testing laboratory, we have set ourselves the goal of performing tests with the highest quality standards in terms of planning, execution and documentation. To achieve this goal, we work within the framework of our quality management system according to clearly defined processes, which we constantly review and develop.

For us, quality refers not only to products, but to all business processes. You can find more information on our quality management system and processes here.

Other services in our Testing & Checking division

In our testing laboratory, we can perform X-ray, SEM and EDX analyses, as well as microsection analyses and microscopic images, among other things. Complete component validations or qualifications according to standards, specifications or customer requirements are also part of our portfolio.

In order to support you in the clarification of damage cases and field failures and their prevention, we are also available to you following the damage & component analysis for a possible correction loop of your electronics and can take over individual design optimizations or the complete redesign if desired.

With our test methods, we make the effects of various weather conditions measurable and uncover weak points in durability under previously defined test temperatures.

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