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As a service provider for the B2B sector, it is a matter of course for us to provide you with a written offer for deburring your laser parts that matches your inquiry. Of course, we also act as a long-term supplier for you. Here you will find further links and helpful information for buyers:

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You can also place an inquiry online without CAD data. To do so, simply enter the geometric data, as well as the material of your workpiece into our online inquiry form. Our experts will check your data and then contact you immediately to provide you with an attractive manufacturing offer as quickly as possible.

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Clean post-processing of laser parts

Although the process is one of the non-contact cutting processes with a low heat impact on the component, some burr formation also occurs during cutting with a laser depending on the material and the process. With low material thicknesses, this is often negligible, but if the burr needs to be removed, there are various methods to choose from. In this way, visually appealing decorative surfaces can be created in addition to pure deburring.

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Laserteile entgratet & gebürstet
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gleitschleifen entgraten
Laserteile entgratet & gebürstet

Remachining & deburring of laser parts

Depending on the material, the thickness of the material and the laser process, residues are formed on the cut surfaces of the workpieces/sheet metal during the cutting process, such as chemical reactions caused by contact between the laser beam and the material.

When laser cutting thin metals and metal foils, there is very little, if any, burr on the laser part. However, when processing thicker material, some burr formation is to be expected. Burr formation on parts can be removed regardless of material thickness by using a suitable deburring machine.

We can offer the following finishing and refinement options:

cleaning/ultrasonic cleaning

Depending on the application, it may be necessary for your laser parts to be completely free of contaminants such as oil, dirt and other buildup. In this case, we can provide simple cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning of your components.

Deburring, brushing, grinding

In order to reliably remove the burr formed on the edges of the workpieces (deburring), we use special deburring machines. In the deburring machine, the burr is reliably removed from the workpiece. The surface is cleaned of any laser splashes and the cut edges are rounded. The edge rounding of the laser parts can be reduced to a minimum as required.

Trowalizing (vibratory grinding)

Another option for deburring laser parts is trowalizing or vibratory grinding. For this purpose, the cut laser parts are processed together with a grinding wheel, water and various chemical additives in a disc-type centrifugal machine. The material removal is generated by the rotating movement of the container. Depending on which grinding stones and which additives are used, surface finishes of up to 0.01 Ra and 0.1 Rz can be achieved.


Electropolishing is an electrochemical removal process that eliminates very fine burrs and even the smallest micro-roughnesses. During this process, the surfaces are passivated, which results in good corrosion resistance.

Coating/ powder coating

On request, we can also offer coating or powder coating of laser parts.

Other processes for finishing and post-treatment

Together with our reliable and strong partner from the industry, we can offer you various other processes for finishing and post-treatment of your laser parts. The post-treatment you require is not listed here? Please contact us. We will find a suitable solution for you!

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Your supplier for laser parts deburring

TEPROSA is not only a specialist for laser cutting and the production of highly demanding laser parts, we are also an experienced partner for the post-processing of cut and flame-cut parts. We manufacture sophisticated parts for the automotive industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering and many other industries.

We will be happy to advise you on all questions concerning your laser order. As a long-standing supplier to various OEMs, the quality of our work is particularly important to us. Therefore, we work according to uniform processes and thus ensure consistent quality and complete traceability of each individual production step.

Our quality management

As a service provider for laser processing, as well as deburring of laser parts, we have set ourselves the goal of manufacturing products with the highest quality standards. To achieve this goal, we work within the framework of our quality management system according to clearly defined processes, which we constantly review and develop. You can find more information about our quality management system and processes here.

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